Metaphysical Properties Of Moldavite

Moldavite was created because a meteor hit. The result of the impact was to liquefy the mineral deposits and sands where it arrived. This melted liquid splashed back to space after which dropped inside the Czech Republic. .

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Moldavite is commonly referred to as a tektite but I’m not really satisfied this is a true portrayal because a tektite is usually meteorite material – and this just isn’t.

The term Moldavite originates from the town Molauthein and the Moldau River. The Czech’s think of it Vltavin seeing that Moldauthein is referred to as Tyn nad Vltavou.. Yeah, I’m confused too.

When molten drops landed, it cooled down and became solid again. Over countless years it was worked in to the sand and land. As the liquid and fine sand slowly swirled all-around it, the surface area of the Moldavites were engraved with miniature canyon. The way the moldavite is formed and carved is mostly as a consequence of where it ended up. Some areas are especially wet and the etching is quite a bit better. The top demonstration of this is the Moldavite from Besednice.

Genuine Moldavite, strictly speaking, only originates from the Czech Republic. Stay away from counterfeits – there are lots out there.

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